Giving your broadcast an accurate title and choosing the right category will help new listeners to find your shows. This article will show you how you can do this.

TIP: this article refers to the desktop app only. (For mobile broadcasting check out this article about the iOS app, and this article about the Android app.)

Enter a broadcast title

Click 'Enter a broadcast title' above the timer section in the desktop app.

TIP: you can add or edit broadcast title and select the category both before you start broadcasting or during the show.

This will bring up a new menu on the left hand side of the app.

You can now add a broadcast title by typing in the space beneath 'Broadcast title'.

To change the category, click the drop down box beneath 'Category'.

This will bring up a drop down menu from which you can select your new category.


Once you've entered your broadcast title and selected a category, click 'Submit' to save (or cancel, if you don't want to submit these new details just yet).

The side menu will now disappear so you can start a new broadcast (or see your broadcast timer, if you had already started a broadcast before adding the broadcast title and category).

Click here to find out about starting a broadcast.

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