This article will show you how to share your recorded broadcasts with your listeners on your Mixlr showreel.

Open your Recordings window

When you finish your broadcast, if you have been recording it you'll see a pop up message asking if you want to view the recording.

If you click 'Yes' you will open your Recordings window.

Alternatively you can open this window at any time by clicking the Recordings tab and clicking 'Go to recordings'.

Your broadcasts will be recorded to a local folder on your computer. You can upload your broadcasts to your Mixlr showreel by clicking the 'Publish' button.

TIP: if you have an issue publishing a recording it may be because the original file has been moved, edited or renamed. If any change has been made to the recording on your local drive you won't be able to publish it to your showreel.

Access your showreel

Once you have published a recording it will be available at your showreel page. The 'Publish' button will change to a 'Go to' button for any recordings that you have uploaded to your showreel. You can use this to go directly to the showreel recording.

Your listeners will be able to access your showreel via a link on your Mixlr livepage.

This will take them to your showreel page.

Now that you have published a recording to your showreel, find out how to download it to another machine.

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