If you are new to Mixlr we recommend starting with a free two week trial. This lets you benefit from two weeks of free broadcasting with the plan of your choice before your paid subscription begins.

TIP: if you decide that Mixlr isn’t right for you, you can cancel before the payment is processed.

You can sign up for a free trial by going to our website and selecting Start free trial.

On the next screen you'll be able to read about our different broadcasting plans. Click ‘Try Mixlr Premium’, ‘Try Mixlr Premium Plus’, or ‘Try Mixlr Pro’ to sign up for a trial of that plan.

TIP: click the slider to ‘Yearly’ if you want an annual subscription rather than a monthly subscription when your 14 day trial period ends.

Once you've selected a plan you can create your new Mixlr account.

Check your email for your activation code, and once you've received it enter it in the screen below at click 'Activate account'.

You'll now be able to start your trial by clicking the 'Start trial' button.

Enter your payment details on the next screen and click ‘Start trial’.

You can now download the Mixlr app and start broadcasting!

See our article here for information about downloading the Mixlr app.

TIP: if you had already created an account but you haven't had a free trial yet, you can grab one by going directly to our Price Plans page and choosing the trial option.

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